A long-term and experienced property owner

Our residential properties and public buildings are centrally located in the Stockholm-Mälaren Region. On the strength of our expertise and commitment, we offer safe, secure and sustainable homes with high amenity standards for people to enjoy living in throughout various phases of their lives. We create value for shareholders and society through satisfied tenants, safer and more attractive communities and trustful partnerships.


Hebas fastighetstekniker

Heba in short

The Heba Group comprises 56 properties, including 10 public buildings (Dec 31, 2023).

The properties are comprised of 3,148 residential units and 336 non-residential units.

Heba has 42 employees.

Heba was founded in 1952 and has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm AB Nordic Mid Cap since 1994.

Hebas fastighet Draken Södermalm

Four reasons to invest in Heba

  • Increased profitability through growth while maintaining financial stability
  • Desirable properties in attractive locations with potential.
  • Increased share of new builds and public buildings with higher property yield.
  • Strong financial position and cost-effective borrowing provide scope for profitable growth.
Hebas fastighet Gråalen Norrtälje

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